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Honoring ODA 555,
"Triple Nickel”

You might wonder why we’re asking for the specific number $5.55. This specific amount originates from a special forces unit known as Operational Detachments-Alpha (ODA) or “A Teams.” ODA 555, or “Triple Nickel,” was deployed in 2001 in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks and holds special meaning to us. POVAT’s medical consultant, Scott Zastrow, was ODA 555’s combat medic and Will Markham was its combat controller; on the ground, in Afghanistan, October 20, 2001. These two men forged a friendship in battle that lasts to this day. By donating $5.55 every Friday, we honor the courage and sacrifice of our servicemen and women around the world while also remembering the warrior spirit of those attached to ODA 555.


At Project One Vet at a Time (POVAT), we believe in standing alongside not only our veterans but also those who are actively deployed. Every Friday, we ask that you donate about what you would pay for a beer or a coffee, $5.55, to support our heroes. R.E.D. Friday, short for “Remember Everyone Deployed,” is a powerful reminder of the sacrifices being made by our military personnel every day, even when they are thousands of miles away from home.

Wearing Red Every Friday

Every Friday, we invite you to wear red as a symbol of remembrance and support for those actively deployed. It’s a weekly reminder that our military members are facing challenges in distant and often dangerous locations. Wearing red on Fridays not only honors our heroes but also unites individuals in a collective act of gratitude. It sends a powerful message that we stand by those who are in harm’s way, offering them our unwavering support.

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