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At POVAT, we stand beside our nation’s heroes, ensuring they receive the recognition and support they’ve earned. Our commitment is unwavering — we guide veterans through the complex VA claims process, engaging with legal, medical, and mental health professionals without our veteran worrying about financial costs, bills, and other barriers to care. Join us in our mission to support our heroes, One Vet @ A Time.

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Assisting Veterans, Free of Charge

Providing Expert Guidance

Navigating the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) disability claim process can be incredibly stressful and frustrating. At POVAT, we provide expert guidance and advocacy to referred veterans and service members, ensuring they receive the compensation and medical benefits they rightfully earned through their service. Our nationwide network of representatives and legal experts are here to assist veterans, free of charge, every step of the way.

Founded By Veterans, For Veterans

We Fight for Your Rights to Your Benefits

POVAT was founded in 2019 by retired Air Force Command Chief Master Sergeant William Markham, along with Jeffrey O’Hara, Esq., and Dr. Mark McLaughlin. Our commitment to this mission is deeply personal, based on Chief Markham’s experience of having to justify his injuries to the VA after it downgraded his disability rating. After years and sometimes decades of dedicated service, no one should have to justify their injuries or grovel for the benefits they’re owed.


Liberating Veterans From Bills & Expenses

Place Your Focus on Your Well-Being, Not Your Bills

At POVAT, we understand that the pursuit of medical and legal support should never burden our veterans with bills and expenses. We take pride in shouldering these costs entirely through charitable funds. Our team ensures veterans can engage with legal, medical, and mental health professionals without financial worries, allowing them to focus on their well-being. Your generous donations ensure the long-term financial stability of our veterans.

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Individualized Attention For Each Vet

At POVAT, You Are Not a Statistic

At POVAT, we believe in the power of personal connections. Unlike other entities that offer similar services to thousands, often making veterans feel like they’re just another number, we treat our veterans as family and provide individualized attention to each one. Our committed advocates understand the unique challenges veterans face, ensuring no veteran feels like a statistic. We ensure that veterans receive their deserved benefits without taking on the emotional or financial toll of the complex, red tape-laden VA claims process.

"I am indebted to the POVAT professionals for the service they provided to me and my family. The positive result was like a 2-ton weight had been lifted off me."

- Bill T. | USAF Veteran

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Support Our Mission With Your Donations

Your Generosity Can Change Lives

When you make a donation, you can trust that your contribution directly supports veterans in need. Our Board of Directors and Executive Members collect no salary, ensuring every dollar you donate goes towards assisting veterans. Whether covering medical bills, consultation fees, transportation costs, or essential resources, your generosity enables us to eliminate the financial burdens veterans face, allowing them to focus on their health and well-being.

POVAT is pleased to welcome the Triple Nickel (555) Parterships of Connell Foley and SEA, LTD

Each Triple Nickel Partnership generates a $55,500 annual grant reserved and dedicated for POVAT to focus on the legal and medical support of referred Veterans who are attempting to navigate the Department of Veterans Affairs Disability, Compensation and Pension claim program.

Karla P. | USAF Veteran

I can't say thank you enough to the Project OVAT team for everything they have done and continue to do for me....

Scott D. | USN Veteran

Project OVAT is here for me and my disability that was originally denied by the VA. They are fighting for me, and many like me....

John H. | USA Veteran

[POVAT's] professionalism, responsiveness, compassion and passion were evident in every interaction. My family and I are so thankful....

Bill T. | USAF Veteran

Your mission and vision will continue to breathe faith into many veterans and their families for generations to come....

Bill W. | USAF Veteran

Project OVAT made the VA disability process seem easy, seamless, and most importantly, dignified....

Support Our Mission With Your Donations

Making a Difference...

At POVAT, we rely on the generosity of patriotic philanthropists, both personal and corporate. Your support enables us to provide comprehensive assistance to veterans navigating the VA claims process. Your contributions directly impact veterans’ lives, from covering the cost of duplicating medical records to transportation expenses and medical bills. Join us in making a difference—One Vet @ A Time—by donating to ensure veterans receive the recognition and benefits they have earned through their selfless service.

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