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At Project One Vet at a Time (POVAT), we are driven by a single, unwavering mission: to provide relentless support and assistance to veterans as they navigate the complex and often daunting Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) disability claim process. We understand the unique challenges and frustrations veterans face when transitioning out of the military and seeking the compensation and benefits they have rightfully earned through their dedicated service to our nation. And we are here to support our veterans, no matter the cost.

Guiding Veterans
Through VA Claims

We provide veterans with expert, unrestricted guidance through the complex VA claims process. The VA claims process can be overwhelming and frustrating, and veterans shouldn’t have to go through it on their own. POVAT offers a network of dedicated representatives who are well-versed in dealing with the VA, ensuring our veterans receive the support they need to build strong claims. We handle everything, ensuring no financial or additional emotional burden is placed on our veterans.

Combining Legal & Medical Expertise With Persistant Advocacy

We promise to fight for veterans’ rights by synthesizing the efforts of our medical and legal experts into the focused advocacy our veterans deserve. Our legal and medical teams are trained professionals who leverage their knowledge of current laws, regulations, and medical histories to develop compelling cases. Whether it’s building a case from medical records, requesting hearings, or presenting oral arguments, we stand by veterans every step of the way. And thanks to the generous contributions of our donors, we can offer these services at no charge.

Financial Support
With No Strings Attached

We believe every dollar should go directly toward supporting the veterans we serve. That’s why we’re proud to say that our Board of Directors and Executive Members collect no salary. When you donate to POVAT, you can trust that your contribution is dedicated entirely to helping veterans.

Your support eliminates unnecessary stress, ensuring veterans face no financial burden in their quest for the compensation and benefits they’ve earned through their service to our country.

Join Our Mission &
Support Our Veterans

At POVAT, our mission is to honor the service and sacrifices of our veterans by ensuring they receive the support, benefits, and respect they have earned. The veterans we serve are not just clients; they are a part of the POVAT family, where we stand with them—one vet at a time. Join us in fulfilling our promises and making a lasting impact on the lives of our nation’s heroes. Your generous donations go a long way in ensuring our veterans obtain their deserved benefits.

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Resources for Our Brave Military Personnel

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