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Triple Nickel Partnership

The Triple Nickel Partnership generates a $55,500 annual grant reserved and dedicated for POVAT to focus on the legal and medical support of referred Veterans who are attempting to navigate the Department of Veterans Affairs Disability, Compensation, and Pension claim program. POVAT and its Triple Nickel Partners stand in solidarity with, not only those who have endured the physical and mental horrors of war, but also with those who experienced relatable torment through exposure to natural disasters, humanitarian missions, search/recovery/rescue missions, and military sexual trauma…all Veterans who now confront the continuing effects of trauma. Together, we strive to raise awareness, erase stigma, and provide vital support to our heroes on their journey to healing.

Triple Nickel Partnership Details:

POVAT ensures the following takes place throughout the year to further solidify the Triple Nickel alliance:

  • Brand will be displayed/linked on our website under “Triple Nickel Sponsors”
  • Brand will be prominently advertised during POVAT’s fundraising events
  • Brand will be shared during our Annual POVAT Board Retreat
  • Standing invites are extended to Corporate Representative(s) to POVAT events

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