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Showing our RED Friday support from the panhandle! 🇺🇸❤️

POVAT Executive Director Lyle Rosin and Director of Administration, Amy Rosin and POVAT client Bill Turner representing the veteran non-profit @projectovat at The Bob Hope Classic Golf Tournament at Eglin Golf course. 

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 POVAT's Phil McGovern, Will Markham, Jeff O’Hara, and Wade Martin supporting Coach Greg Schiano’s Charity Golf Classic. 

Rutgers puts the R in R.E.D.
Thank you Coach for a wonderful Day!

This is what RED Friday means to me, team-work! 👏🏼

Remember Everyone Deployed! 

🇺🇸👉🏻Have each others back! Got your Six!
👊🏻One Team, One Fight, Fighting for what we believe in.
🇺🇸Our Flag, the most beautiful thing in any room where it flies.
👥 Team-work, coming together to memorialize a fallen teammate.


RED Friday ❤️ R.E.D. Friday was created to remind people of our heroes overseas and show that we are thinking of them. People across the country wear red every Friday to serve as a reminder and spread the message of how important it is that we keep our troops in our thoughts.

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Happy RED Friday from @allegiantstadium 🏈 Because freedom is worth fighting for 🖤

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On Friday’s, we wear RED to Remember Everyone Deployed and to show solidarity and support for our deployed service members and their families until they return home. 

What does RED FRIDAY mean to me? As a child of a veteran who was deployed 75% of my life, I used to have a lot of mixed emotions about the military and deployment. I hated that war took my dad away from watching me grow, but it wasn’t until I was older that I truly understood and realized that my dad’s life purpose was to be selfless and his mission was to protect the greater good. Something I do in my own career today. 

Home of the Free , Because of the Brave. Sometimes we have to give up things we love to protect the ones we love. 🇺🇸❤️💙

My dad @projectovat was the first airman that led the first team, Alpha 555 “Triple Nickel” into Afghanistan after 9/11 for Operation Enduring Freedom. I remember I would watch the news constantly waiting to hear what was going on over there in Afghanistan after 9/11. I remember talking to him before historical missions, and him telling me he loved me and that I may not ever hear from him again. Then, I would stay glued to the TV 📺 waiting to see if he made it out of his multiple mission alive. My mom used to prepare me that one day, someone could be coming knocking at our door telling me I would never see my pops again. 😔

Come to learn, he was responsible for the elimination of over 3,500 enemy troops, which led to the liberation of Kabul and the surrender of hundreds of Al Qaeda and Taliban forces. 400+ missions and a Silver Star later.. I am thankful to say that my dad @projectovat did make it home alive. But, a lot of little girls dad’s did not.

To me wearing RED on Fridays are for those little boys and girls waiting and not knowing if they will ever see their moms and dads again. It’s just one extra prayer and positive thought thrown into the universe in hopes that those servicemen and women make it home. 💙🇺🇸❤️


Happy RED Friday from Las Vegas!

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Tag us in your R.E.D. Friday posts for a chance to be featured on our social media showing everyone how YOU are #rememberingeveryonedeployed. You can dedicate your post to someone in service, someone who has served, someone you lost when they were serving, and so on. 

Continue wearing RED each Friday to help our service men and women know that we are always supporting them!👏

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We use "RED Friday" as a way for military families, as well as civilians to show solidarity and support for all military personnel regardless of rank or location, regardless of whether military personnel are stateside, stationed abroad, or on a float. 

God Bless America 🇺🇸 -Yara, SF

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RED Friday in Vegas at the Combat Control Reunion. @projectovat Director of Administration, Amy Rosin and Director of Veteran Outreach and Social Media, Shauna Leal-Markham representing @airforce_cct

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In honor of R.E.D Friday, please donate $5.55, the cost of an ale, to support our deployed service members.